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New Paintball Fields Open

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Snipers Den is very proud to showcase the 2 new fields we have opened. We have spent many many months designing, building and testing the 2 playing fields.

Tactical Ops is a full tactical urban paintball scenario. The angles of buildings, doorways and windows create constantly changing angles and targets. We have learned that teams need to work well together as a unit to succeed. The field centers around a large building that has four doors and a number of windows. The mission on this one is to try to steal gold bars from the center of this building. To do this successfully cover fire is essential from multiple locations.



Prison Break
The prison break field features some awesome paintball features that add a new level to the competition. In a lot of ways this is the balance of offense vs defensive paintball strategies. With the elevated, defensive guard towers you have a birds eye view of the impending attack. The added height also adds an element of range to the game as well. For the attackers, riot shields allow the players to advance up the field to gradually take over the prison. Once again team work is essential to success here. If the players using the riot shields move separately or are divided by the defending paintball players the attacking team can quickly be controlled. If the attacking paintball players co-ordinate they can will very quickly.

Pavs Tournament R5

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The final round of the Paintball Association of Victoria (PAVs) competition was held at Snipers Den on 28th Oct 2012.

The PAVs series is the leading 5 v 5 paintball tournament in Victoria. 18 of the best Victorian paintball teams attended with fantastic competition throughout the day. The 18 paintball teams were split into 2 divisions with 6 teams in Div 1 and 12 in Div 2.

It was incredibly close between all teams in both divisions and after a season of fierce paintball competition the final result came down to the finest of margins.

Division 1 was taken out by HAVOC, a paintball team consisting of mainly paintball veterans. They proved that sometimes paintball tactics and cunning can win the day. Their win took them to 2nd place for the season behind Hustle who have dominated Victorian paintball over the last 12 months.

In division 2 the day was decided on count back over the day. Only a handful of games separated the teams between 1st and 5th. H20 narrowly beat Tension for the win with special mention to SnG who came in 5th after winning the first 5 games unbeaten.

Special mention to SE Syndicate who took out the Hookem cup for the fairest and best team on the day.



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Snipers Den would like to thank you for taking the time to read the new Snipers Den Blog.

This blog is designed to provide an information resource to the paintball community as well as anyone interested in paintball sessions.

Over time we will use this blog to explore the different paintball fields at Snipers Den Paintball, share news and information on upcoming victorian paintball tournaments and competitions around Australia, explore the melbourne paintball scene in general as well as share paintball game tips and techniques.

We hope you enjoy the blog. If you have any questions or wish to make a booking please call Snipers Den on 1800 SNIPER.