Paintball in Melbourne - GREAT FUN ON THE CHEAP!

Cheap paintball does not mean low quality. Snipers Den offers the lowest prices for outdoor paintball in Melbourne, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at our professional fields or using our tournament level gear . And if that wasn’t enough, our friendly, professional, and fully trained staff is available to ensure players of all level, whether newbie or tournament players, will experience a paintball skirmish they won’t soon forget.

Our Pricing

You Won’t Believe How Cheap Paintball is at Snipers Den

100 Rounds of Ammunition for only $15

Paintballs are sold at the start of the session at a flat rate of $15 per 100 rounds.

Once the games are running additional rounds may be purchased at $20 per 100 rounds.

$20 Gear Hire Bundle

For only $20 dollars you’ll get a gear bundle that includes:

  • A tournament level marker (weapon)
  • As much compressed air as your session requires
  • High quality VForce vantage mask
  • Full body urban camo overalls

Note: The price for the gear hire bundle must be paid to us when you book the session as a deposit. This holds your spot for you and means that when you come for your paintball skirmish you’ll only need to buy ammunition in order to play.

Weekday Special (Every Monday – Friday)

Every weekday (from Monday to Friday) we offer you everything you’ll need for your paintball games for only $80. This includes:

  • 500 rounds of ammunition
  • Unlimited refills of compressed air for your marker (gun)
  • Tournament calibre marker (gun) rental
  • Full body urban camouflage overalls
  • Fog free, face protecting mask

We’ll Match Any Competitor’s Pricing

Our guarantee to you: If you can manage to locate outdoor paintball in the Victoria area that costs less than Snipers Den, we’ll meet that price. Simply provide a written quote from the other venue when you book with us and present the original tickets when your scheduled visit starts to claim the discount.

If you’re looking for cheap paintball in the Melbourne area, Snipers Den is your best value for money. Not only are our prices the lowest in the region, we also have the professional fields and gear real players value. Whether you’re looking for a quick, cheap paintball match amongst friends or a full on paintball skirmish to settle an office rivalry , we can accommodate your group.

For more information about our pricing give us a call today on 1800 SNIPER or 9568 3969 or contact us online for booking enquiries .