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Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne strives to provide the lowest prices for paintball in Melbourne, while still offering quality in our service, equipment and playing fields. At every visit to Snipers Den you’ll enjoy a professional, entertaining and safe experience for an exceptionally low price.

Outdoor paintball enthusiasts of all levels, novice or veteran, will enjoy a surge of adrenaline while participating in paintball games at Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne. Whether you’re fighting your way through a prison break scenario or tactically advancing through a full scale urban combat assault course, our fields, paintball guns and helpful staff are second to none.

Some of the reasons players keep flocking to our fields to play a round: Affordable Paintball Games

Snipers Den paintball melbourne has a very simple flat rate pricing system. And the best bit is that if you buy more ammo than you use – we will refund it back!

The simple and upfront pricing means no hidden costs when purchasing paintballs. You can also play for the length of time that suits you! This means that Snipers Den Paintball has a package that will suit all budgets and events.

Call us to discuss your individual requirements and we will certainly be able to assist you.

A Secluded Yet Convenient Location

You can flee the confines of the Melbourne CBD and be playing paintball in Melbourne’s countryside in less than half an hour. Our convenient, central location near the corner of Centre Dandenong Road and Boundary Road in Moorabbin, is only 10km from Southland and one minute from DFO Moorabbin.

For those traveling from the city – the best way to go is straight down the Nepean Hwy and turn left onto Centre Dandenong Rd after you pass Southland. We will be on the left hand side before you hit Boundary Rd. If you find yourself in Dingley – You have gone too far!


A Favourite Location for Professional Tournaments

Snipers Den paintball Melbourne is quickly becoming a premier venue for professional paintball in Victoria. Regardless of the level of competition, our outdoor paintball fields are maintained to the highest standards. We’re certain to all players will find out fields competitive for any paintball games.

We regularly hold 5v5 and 3v3 competitions for licensed Victorian paintball players. We are also the home of some of Victoria’s best pro paintball teams.

Great for Parties, Corporate Events and Casual Players

We host a lot of tournaments and sponsor professional teams, but we also happily welcome those who are new to the sport. Our corporate events are great for team building away from the office , and our trained staff will have players of all skill levels raining paint before the day is done. We also have great rates and packages available for birthday party and private events so please call us for more information.

Five Specialised Fields

Our diverse, specially designed fields are amongst some of the largest available for paintball in Victoria. Each one of our zones is varied in purpose and layout so you’re assured different paces to your play, obstacles to manoeuvre, and a thorough test of your skills. Whether you’re looking to live out long-standing rivalries, compete with friends or simply have fun we have a field for you.

We use have 5 individually themed paintball scenarios to play, each with unique challenges. We have built a replica 9m helicopter from scratch, a full urban field, prison bus, elevated sniper guard towers, tournament field, and a western field to name a few of the features. Feel free to come and have a look first hand – we are always proud to show people around the venue before you book.


The Highest Quality Gear for Paintball in Victoria

We provide only the best paintball gun for use at Snipers Den and the Tippman Custom Pro Platinum paintball gun and FT-12s favoured by many scenario paintball players. Our gear also covers all the little details for you, like suiting you up in double reinforced urban camo gear with neck coverage, provide complimentary chest protectors for female participants, and give you anti-fog helmets to protect while still allowing you to see in the heat of action.

For more information about us, our gear or to inquire about booking a field today give us a call on 1800 SNIPER or 9568 3969 or use our online contact form here.